Fourty years of innovative design, built on the creativity of its founder Gianni Frisone, Details Designer Jewellery represents the evolution of a brand defined by originality and a sensibility inspired by Balinese culture. A brand filled with vision and integrity - embracing the beauty of unexpected detail, and the importance of enduring quality. As modernity meets intricacy, Details designs reflect the aesthetic balance that allows a piece of jewellery to be worn day into night, across generations, time after time. 



Italian born with a heart that belongs to the free and creative spirit of Bali, Gianni Frisone is a self taught jewellery designer. Starting out at the age of 17 selling on the streets of florence, Gianni followed his path in becoming a passionate artist and avid traveler, constantly deriving inspiration from different ethnicities and cultures. A humble man with a strong belief in the slowly diminishing world of quality hand craftsmanship, Gianni strives to keep the ancient trade alive. 

 After spending his 20’s in India learning to live happier with less, Gianni stumbled upon the magic of Bali where he fell in love with both the island and his Swiss wife to be, Fabienne. Together the couple launched the brand in the mid 80’s splitting their time between Bali and Switzerland. In 2001, after almost two decades of international wholesale, the couple migrated to Australia to open a flagship store in Brisbane city. 

 Gianni and Fabienne’s partnership in love and business continues to evolve as a collaboration between designer and his muse.



 While a segment of our collections are created in our Brisbane based store, some of our more intricate designs are crafted in an intimate workshop located in a quiet village in the hills of Bali. Here, surrounded by traditional stone carved temples and rice field valleys, works a family of talented goldsmiths who, for generations, have chosen to devote their lives to the ancient trade. With an innate ability to capture the essence of beauty in each of our designs, the Par family meticulously transform notebook sketches into collections of wearable expression. After decades of working with grandparents, fathers, wives, and today even the eldest of children it is now the relationship between Gianni and his craftsmen that forms the foundation of each piece of jewellery, making these creations deeply personal. 

 We visit assorted merchants around the world in search for stones with special qualities and unique characteristics that'll attract the intuitive wearer. The techniques we use in our jewellery, such as granulation, dates back thousands of years and take much time and concentration. Our principles are to manufacture ethically and ensure that our artisans earn a very sustainable living.