W E A R   O U R   S T O R Y . . .  M A K E   Y O U R   O W N

“Jewellery pieces tell stories. Not only of the designer through their craftsmanship, but also of the wearers. In a consumer driven society, my intention is to create tomorrow’s antiques. From selling my first designs on the streets of Florence, to learning the ancient craft in India’s chaos, and finally to producing on the island of Bali, the Details story is inspired by life. We share our story, so that you can make your own. Jewellery to be passed on to your children and grandchildren for the story to be transformed once again. Because quality crafted jewellery has a long lifecycle that has the potential to allow not just one, but multiple unique wearers to value their jewellery on very personal levels. As an artist my greatest desire is simply for the soul of my work to evolve through its wearers into genuine expressions of self.”

-        Gianni Frisone