The Detail’s Ethos has always been to provide remarkable jewellery with integrity. Pieces where an ethical manufacturing process will always prevail over mass production and generic design. Through the transparency of our production, we hope to reconnect our wearers to the genuine soul and purpose of jewellery - encouraging people to value what they buy on a deeper level. 

At Details certain values underpin everything we do. Quality craftsmanship for instance, has not only become something we look to celebrate, but also a part of who we are. For us, this means respecting not only the jewel itself, but also the hands responsible for it.

 We recognise that consumerism as we know it today is unsustainable. And though Detail’s does not claim to have all the answers to our current social and environmental issues, we simply believe in doing our part in setting a slower trend. A trend in taking the time to create, in focusing on the finer details, having a conscience and ultimately thinking about the bigger picture.  

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